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Spring 2009 TV & Media Production

Digital Storytelling
This was the students' first project. The assignment was to tell a story about your life: write a script, narrate it, gather images and edit your video.

Public Service Announcement
Based on the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident, the Middlesex District Attorney's office hosted a dating abuse teen video contest to raise awareness. "She Changed" received honorable mention as a finalist, while "A Cry for Help" was selected as the winner by over 1,000 high schoolers. The video was finalized by Media firm, Conover, Tuttle and Pace and was aired on Fox 25. Click this link to see the videos and the Fox 25 student interview.

Silent Movie
Students learned camera shots and basic editing technique in order to complete this video. The assignment was to create a minute long story with no on camera sound, using a variety of shots.

Vocational Today
Students learned every role in a professional news studio. They created news packages and produced a live news program for the Somerville High Vocational Department. Check back soon to see the video!