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SHS Gallery

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The following are examples of the different media projects that are happening at Somerville High School.

Spanish Voiceover Project

Sabrina Trinca's spanish classes practiced their stem change verb conjugation and restaurant vocabulary with this Windows Movie Maker project. They took clips from "Alice in Wonderland" and "Ratatouille", wrote scripts, and recorded voice overs to add a different spin on these popular cartoons.

South Africa Documentary

Two periods of Alicia Kersten's World History skills class researched, wrote, and edited these documentaries about the history of apartheid in South Africa. The students learned Windows Movie Maker to create their projects.

Arnold Arboretum

In the Fall, Ms. Chau's ceramics class, Ms. Cohen's photography class and Mrs. Sorrentino's creative writing class took a field trip to the Arnold Arboretum. Students came back to the classroom to create art work inspired by the nature they saw at the Arboretum. This is a behind-the-scenes documentary of our day.


Mrs. Olsen's honors Spanish 4 class used an online diagramming tool called exploratree to review the material they learned about Latino music. This is a great tool for visual processors.

From Misc

Life Lessons Project

Two sections of May Chau's Cartooning class put together these life lessons. The project started out with help from professional comic book artist Richard Jenkins who helped students carry out a concept from one comic book frame to the other. Next the students scanned their hand drawn images. Finally the students edited their projects in the lab using iMovie. "Backfired" by Yongkang "Princess Chloe" by Nick "Don't Bully" by Stephanie "The Forgotten" by Iliana

AP Government Campaigns

The students in Mr. Glenn's AP Government ran for office within the class. Two students chose to create campaign ads to gather support.

Our Schools, Our City

Mr. Saunder's Music Technology class scored the footage taken from the students of TV and Media Production to create this introduction for Somerville Education Channel 15's show, Our Schools, Our City.

Spanish How To Videos

Two sections of Mrs. Olsen's Spanish 4 class created Spanish instructional videos using their newly learned command form! Muy bien!

Science Music Video

Christiana, Stephanie, and Rupinder put together this music video to creatively demonstrate how the electron transport chain works. Check it out!

Drama Music Video

Ms. Post's introduction to drama class wrote, produced and edited this horror music video, set to Rihanna's hit "Disturbia". The girls had a lot of fun and it was a good way to see their acting skills on camera.

Spanish Comics

Mrs. Olsen's Spanish 4 Honors class read the comical short story "El Gato de Sevres" and created these comics to demonstrate their reading comprehension and Spanish grammar skills. The students posted their projects on voicethread and commented on each other's work to further develop their speaking skills.


Jane Cohen and I collaborated on a project with her photography students. Students started out using a video camera with a blurred image effect to capture an activity involving motion. Students then took a freeze frame from the video to capture the action in the most interesting light. Students then used Photoshop to add digital effects to their image. Students learned how to brainstorm and work together as a team, learned simple video camera operation, and were introduced to digital photo manipulation all in one project. The students got really creative with editing effects and came out with some stunning images!