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Pre Class Survey

This is a survey to assess your prior knowledge and expectations for TV and Media Production.
Have you ever made a video before you took this class?
Check the items that you have used before and are comfortable using.
What role(s) do you want to learn most about in this class.
Were you excited about taking this class when you signed up for it?
Which film environment do you prefer?
Describe your dream project. If you were teaching this class, what project would you choose to assign?
What's your favorite movie?
What's your favorite book?
What's the last song that you listened to (and liked)?
What's your favorite TV show?
Do you like school?
What are your plans after you finish high school?
Do you enjoy class discussions? Why or why not?
Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?
By the time I finish this semester of TV and Media Production, I want to.....(finish the sentence)
How can I help you achieve the statement above?
What do you think of the class so far?
What would make it better?