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TV and Media Production Syllabus

TV and Media Production

Spring 2010

Block 5: 1:24-2:30

Instructor: Craig Leach;


Class Expectations


Each other- I want this to be a class where everyone feels free to share their opinions openly and to express themselves creatively. Making fun of others, talking while others are talking, and general disrespect for peers will not be tolerated.


For me- Please be present in body and mind during class time, especially while I’m teaching.


For equipment- In order to maintain high quality video equipment for the class, we must care for it well.



In the media industry, deadlines determine your payment. In this class your payment is your grade. Late projects will result in grade reductions. I will have time after class available in case you need extra time for assignments. If you anticipate that you will be late with an assignment, please see me in advance to talk over possibilities. I will not accept assignments after two weeks from a deadline.



Effort is what is required to succeed in this class. Since I have allotted time during the class period to complete your assignments, I expect you to work hard during this time. No one who tries will fail this class.


 Grading Breakdown


          Digital Storytelling Project                               10%

            PSA Project                                             10%

            PSA Group Participation                              5%

          Story in a Minute Project                                 10%

            Story in a Minute Group Participation               5%

            Equipment Exam                                              10%

            Class Participation 1                                    5%

          Studio Rotation                                          5%     

          Studio Grade                                                    10%

            Final Project                                                     20%

            Final Project Participation                             5%

          Class Participation 2                                    5%


          Total                                                                100%



*Schedule subject to change

Thursday 1/18Class Intro
Monday 2/1Digital Storytelling: My Story/Script Writing
Tuesday 2/2Digital Storytelling: Storyboard - Image Creation
Wednesday 2/3Digital Storytelling: Editing/Voiceover
Thursday 2/4Digital Storytelling: Editing
Friday 2/5Digital Storytelling: Editing
Monday 2/8Screen Digital Stories
Wednesday 2/10*Introduction to PSA
Thursday 2/11PSA script writing and storyboarding
Friday 2/12PSA filming
2/15 - 2/19February Vacation
Tuesday 2/23PSA filming
Wednesday 2/24PSA filming
Friday 2/26PSA editing
Monday 3/1PSA editing
Tuesday 3/2PSA rough cut/ editing
Thursday 3/4PSA editing
Friday 3/5PSA screening
Tuesday 3/9Silent film intro: Story in a minute brainstorm
Wedensday 3/10*Story in a minute storyboarding
Thursday 3/11Story in a minute filming
Monday 3/15Story in a minute filming
Tuesday 3/16Story in a minute filming/editing
Friday 3/19Intro to Final Cut
Monday 3/22Story in a minute editing
Tuesday 3/23Story in a minute editing
Thursday 3/25Story in a minute rough cut/ editing
Friday 3/26Story in a minute editing
Tuesday 3/30Screen story in a minute
Wednesday 3/31Introduction to the studio
Thursday 4/1Studio rotation day 1
Tuesday 4/6Studio rotation day 2
Wednesday 4/7Studio rotation day 3
Friday 4/9Studio rotation day 4
Monday 4/12Studio rotation day 5
Tuesday 4/13Studio and Terms Exam
Thrusday 4/15Studio brainstorm and proposal
Friday 4/16Studio prep
4/19-4/23April Vacation
Tuesday 4/27Studio prep
Wednesday 4/28Studio Prep
Thursday 4/29Studio prep
Monday 5/3Studio Rehearsal
Tuesday 5/4Studio filming
Thursday 5/6Studio screening
Friday 5/7Final Project
Monday 5/10Final Project
Wednesday 5/12Final Project
Thursday 5/13Final Project
Monday 5/7Final Project
Tuesday 5/18Final Project
Wednesday 5/19Final Project
Friday 5/21Final Project
Monday 5/24Final Project
Wednesday 5/26Final Project
Thursday 5/27Final Project
Friday 5/28Final Project
June Class 1Final Project
June Class 2Final Project
June Class 3Final Project
June Class 4Final Project
June Class 5Final Project
June Class 6Final Project
June Class 7Final Project
June Class 8Final Project
June Class 9Final Project
June Class 10Final Project

June Class 10Final Project