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04/28/2010 - 01:24
The school has a ten year review called NEASC. For the intro day for evaluators, we have been asked to create a video that captures the heart of Somerville High. In your group, you are going to interview someone or multiple people from the school to include in the video. You will also learn how to professionally light and adequately capture sound for an interview. You will create an original soundtrack for your interview. Here are some possible interview subjects: 1) Cultural Diversity at Somerville High 2) Social opportunities through athletics and clubs 3) Somerville High out in the community 4) Somerville High shaping generations (interview with teachers who attended Somerville and what it means to them) 5) Teachers who have out of the box, engaging teaching practices 6) Learning with the help of technology Groups: Sam Geraldine Andryc Daphney Ali Elliot Eddy Selena Josh Navarre Group 1: Eddy, Ali, Sam Group 2: Andryc, Navarre Group 3:Daphney, Josh Wed. 6/2 - Intro to project: Intro to interview Thursday 6/3 - Light, Sound and Camera workshop Tuesday 6/8 - Interview brainstorm day Wed. 6/9 - Film Thurs. 6/10 - Film Mon. 6/14 - Edit Tues. 6/15 - Garage Band Day Wed. 6/16 - Edit Mon. 6/21 - Interview Screening Tues. 6/22 - Semester Screening