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Media Literacy & Health Project: a three-year multi-disciplinary pilot project conducted in partnership with the Arts, Technology, and Health departments of the Boston Public Schools and grant-funded jointly by the US Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Arts. The project integrates media literacy processes and tools with a project-based learning approach to guide student exploration of critical youth issues, such as violence, substance abuse, and disrespect in their immediate school community and beyond. For more information, please read an year one and year two about this project. (Requires Adobe Acrobat to open. To download Acrobat, click here.)

Lewis Middle School Media Literacy Team: from left, Walter Fitzgerald, Paulette Squires, Adam Finmann from HOME, David Stamper, Larry Roland, Brenda Jones. Not pictured: Locksley Bryan

Get The Facts About AIDS!: HOME's most extensive learning project to date, GTFA! initiatives include the creation of a music video, a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign, and student co-hosting WBZ-TV Channel 4's Rap Around Show. Launched at English High School, the project involves outreach to a learning community of over 1,200 urban students and focuses on learning through creativity and inquiry. For more information, please read our newsletter about this project and see a music video.

The production at English High School of "It's On You" music video. Click on the picture or CLICK HERE to see a clip.

Showcase: a partnership project that uses authentic learning methods to help students learn to appreciate diversity, reduce racism, and build student self-esteem, skills, pride, and aspirations. Showcase has mobilized teams of students and teachers to examine and combat racism, understand diverse cultures, and bring the backgrounds and experiences of their peers to life.

Artists in Residence: HOME sponsors artists to develop projects. To learn more, click here.

Past Projects: Please visit our list of projects.


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