HOME, Inc.

Multimedia Services

HOME has capabilities to help design, develop, and produce a variety of video and multimedia projects. These include:

  • public service announcements
  • promotional fund-raising videos & CD ROMs
  • video documentaries
  • project development and management
  • script writing
  • talent

We use the latest in video production technology, including:

  • Final Cut Pro notebook editing systems
  • BETACAM, and DVCAM field production and mastering


How we work

Whether you are producing for training, promotion, entertainment or public information, your need for consistent, meaningful, and exciting video and multimedia has never been more important. From planning through media production, HOME helps you create the best program to reach your audience!

HOME will match your budget, objectives, and projections with talented professional artists and help you manage your project with working scripts, storyboards, outlines, and other planning and production tools. There are no unpleasant surprises here! You will work with Alan Michel, who has had over 26 years of experience in editing, special effects and directing; and a full range of talented freelances and producers who have assisted in HOME’s many award winning productions.

Once you have approved the project, and production begins, HOME’s state of the art video facilities and talented operators help you every step of the way. Field production crews, direction, and equipment are provided as needed. Rough cuts can be prepared for
your review on our Final Cut Pro non-linear editing systems. This cost effective approach helps you to realize and visualize productions and previews for completion. On-line editing includes state of the art digital layered effects, from traditional zooms with lighting and 3-D borders, to color correction, and intra frame editing, our system and creative team can help you create your message from your own unique perspective.

Our facilities also include a camera boom that can create gentle pans and zooms on your graphics and hard copy art work. We can master to DVCAM and other popular video tape formats or output media files for CD-ROM, DVD and the World Wide Web which allow you to leverage and maximize the value of your investment in media assets.

Contact us for more information.


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