Who Do You Trust?

That night, after dinner, Joe heard sirens near his home.

He looked out the window to see an ambulance and police car go down his street. The vehicles stopped at the corner. Joe ran out of the house to see what happened.

Coming up the street towards Joe was Sam Long, a student from Joe’s school. Sam bullied everyone, and always seemed angry. Joe crossed the street but kept his eyes on Sam.

He noticed Sam was acting funny. Sam mumbled loudly, and walked fast then stopped, as if he forgot something. Joe thought Sam might be high. He saw a small silver gun in Sam’s hand. Joe walked faster and passed Sam.

At the corner of Blue Street, Joe saw an ambulance. As he arrived, he watched the paramedics take away Roberta Johnson, an older kid he always saw hanging out on the streets. Joe had talked with Roberta a number of times and knew she had troubles. Seeing her in the ambulance, Joe felt a tightness in his belly. Even though she was gruff to people, Joe kind of liked Roberta. He felt very sad that she was hurt. A few neighbors had gathered. Joe overheard the police asking a neighbor what happened.

“I heard three or four loud pop noises—like a gun going off. I looked out my window to see this girl lying there. I called 911. I didn’t see any suspects.”

Joe saw a TV news van pull up. A man with a camera hopped out and pointed the camera at the police car, then the run-down building in back of where they were standing.

A reporter walked over and motions to the cameraman.

“Did you see anything?” The reporter asked Joe.

Do you think Joe should speak to the TV reporter?

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