Who Do You Trust?

Joe wound up and delivered. He raised his voice.

JOE: “It’s not a dump! The trash cans have lids, there's no litter around our house! FRANCINE: Get that—his trash cans have lids! Where yo lids at boy?
JOE: We live in a nice neighborhood, it's really clean!
Our dog is called "Fluffy." He's just a puppy, he's never hurt anyone. The worst think he's ever done is pee on the sofa.

There was not even a pause before Francine jumped in:

"I told you his place smells, with dog pee all over the sofa! I bet that queer with AIDS you have living there also pees all over the place! Pee You!

The other students laughed and before Joe could reply, Francine walked away. What hurt Joe the most was seeing Janine, who he just invited to have dinner with his family, laugh and walk away with the others.

Francine would tease Joe every time she had an audience.


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