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Employers, and educators know how important soft skills are. In the world of work there are many opportunities for advancement but most are based on our ability to work well with others, understand multiple perspectives, and contribute to the overall effort. Click the text to learn more about what people are saying about these important skills.



Most Americans agree that the workplace is changing and the skills needed for success in the 21st century workplace are different from those needed in the 20th century. The goal of the Verified Resume process is to teach youth the important soft/life skills and behaviors and document this development. The tangible result is the Verified Resume, certification of their progress that youth can use to obtain jobs or further their education. 

The skills and behaviors are derived from the SCANS report on workforce development. The Verified Resume was developed by Dr. Arnold Packer, the Director of the SCANS Study and funded by the Kellogg Foundation. Dr. Packer worked with community-based organizations to define measurements and clarify assessments.


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